升效护颈营养霜Prime Neck

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「Valmont 升效护颈营养霜」此质感特别幼滑的活细胞乳霜,特别为预防颈部和胸前肌肤衰老而设。此颈霜可呵护与及强化脆弱的颈部肌肤,以及提供润泽及回复生机所需的营养。成分中的 Cellular Prime Complex 细胞升效复合物能减缓肌肤老化问题,成分中更蕴含一种有效对抗皮肤松弛的脂类氨基酸衍生物,有效维持分明的颈部及脸型轮廓。此颈霜能快速渗透,留下一层清爽轻盈的保护层。

Tripe DNA: helps maintain and stimulate the skin's vital function RNA in liposomes: powerful celluar bio-activator. Provide the skin with essential fatty acids to compensate for the metabolism of fats which becomes deficient over time. Lipoamine derivative: fights against cutaneous sagging and maintains the oval of the face. Peptides + Cocktail: Peptides from synthesis origin: offer an anti-wrinkle action similar to retinoic acid (Vitamin A Acid). Plant extracts: microcirculation activating extracts. They potentialize the activity of the peptides