Beauty Elixir

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Orofluido Beauty Elixir offers a pure luxuriance that envelops your hair. Three organic natural oils in an exquisite mixture with a pleasant, silky texture, absorbed rapidly and leaving no residue in the hair. Orofluido Beauty Elixir has a delicious amber fragrance with a vanilla foundation that will transport you into a fascinating world of oriental perfume. Suitable for all hair types. Can be applied on both wet and dry hair. An exquisite mixture of three natural oils: Argan oil: rich in vitamin E and essential fatty oils; strengthens hair and makes it extremely light and silky Cyprus oil: contains unsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols, which give natural protection against free radicals; makes hair soft and voluminous, leaving it manageable and smooth Linseed oil: seals and smoothes hair cuticle to provide uniformity and control; as a result, hair gathers light and reflects a spectacular shine