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Eye Serum


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Size 0.5 oz 15 ml

Christian Dior One Essential Eye Serum has the following features: Helps eliminate all impurities identified at the heart of the skin and intensely revitalizes it with Red Hibiscus from the Dior Gardens. ** Apply it as the first fundamental purifying step* in your beauty routine to boost the eyes’ youthful radiance and multiplies the effectiveness of the ingredients in subsequently applied eye care. Revitalizes and smoothens the eye contour, as if re-energized. Day after day, it is strengthened enough to continuously fight against aggressions. Signs of fatigue are reduced 84% after instant application.*** 95% noticed a more uniform eye contour after 1 month. *** *By Dior. **In vitro test on ingredients. ***Self-evaluation, 66 women.
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