Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25 / PA ++


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Size 1 oz 30 ml

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25 / PA ++ has the following features: Protects skin from harsh environmental conditions, while creating a natural healthy glow by giving the radiance of a day spent outdoors. Provides a wide range of subtle, easy-to-wear beiges to eliminate women’s fears of using foundation, while giving every skin tone a lasting healthy glow. Glides over the skin and melts away with its soft and comfortable texture, which adapts to the shape of the face and invisibly follows its every movement. The complexion is evened-out and enhanced with a sheer finish, while the texture becomes imperceptible and allows the skin to breathe freely. Displays the freshness and radiance of beautiful skin in the great outdoors as if revived.
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