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Multi-Perfection Creme Rich Texture

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Size 2 oz 60 ml

Christian Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Creme Rich Texture has the following features: The Multi-Perfection Creme circumvents the laws of time and, for the 1st time*, those of gravity. This creme encourages the revitalization of the skin's precious ""springs"": the mother cells at the origin of the deep contouring of the skin**. Superbly smoothing, resculpting and unifying, it tones the skin from its deepest layers to its surface. The face is perfectly tautened and toned while all visible signs of aging - wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance, and uneven skin tone - are corrected instantly and with every application. Youthful beauty is brought to its pinnacle. Today and tomorrow. Intensely delicate, the Multi-Perfection Creme Light Texture is an airy gel-creme combining instant comfort and freshness that irrigates youthful skin. Its transparent and airy texture fuses with the skin and delivers perfect comfort, even in hot and humid climates. *Chez Dior. ** Test in vitro. Benefits: Upon 1st application*, a visible improvement in skin quality: Softer skin +97%, Suppler skin +97% . After 1 month**, proven anti-gravity effectiveness: Optimal face hold +75%, Lifted facial contours +78%, Toned skin +94%, More elastic skin +88%. Global youthful beauty**: Reduced fine lines and wrinkles +75%, Firmer skin +81%, Redensified skin +84%. *Test in-use. 32 women. Use of Multi-Perfection Creme Rich Texture - Results after 1 application. **Test in-use. 32 women. Use of Multi-Perfection Creme Rich Texture - Results after one month.
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