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Perfect Cream

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Afriel & Lofiel Perfect Cream has the following features: Skin gradually loses the ability to rejuvenate itself: after 20, skin metabolism slows down; after 30, fine lines appear and skin loses radiance; after 35, skin becomes rough and visible wrinkles develop. An all-round age-delaying cream infused with the power of nature science to boost skin rejuvenation, creating glowing skin like an angel. Contains Yeast Extract, a signature ingredient of a famous Japanese skincare brand, helps balance sebum secretion, promote skin renewal, and restore firmness and youth. Ginkgo Biloba has excellent whitening and antioxidating benefits, helping to even skin tone and leave skin visibly brighter. Coix Seed contains minerals which help retain skin moisture and luminosity, and soothe sun damage. The soft texture absorbs rapidly into skin and gently nourishes, leaving a pleasant feeling on your skin. A perfect cream for all seasons and all skin types. Afriel & Lofiel Perfect Cream addresses various skin problems: Balance sebum secretion Maintain an even complexion Repair coarse and dry skin Moisturize and brighten skin Prevent moisture loss, skin appears plump and dewy Firm skin and improve elasticity Soothe sensitive skin Care for skin after sun damage
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