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Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals™ A Foundation is a light-reflecting, soft-focus foundation with beads encapsulating skin-nourishing ingredients that work in a time-released action. The spheres include Hyaluronate Acid and Olive Squalene that are entrapped by seaweed lipids, which are then suspended in an Aloe Vera and Lavender Flower gel. Suitable for all skin types, Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals™ A Foundation makes skin look more youthful, diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores, and evens out skin tone. It has a natural pH of 6 and is so perfectly balanced that it needs no pH adjusters. As Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals™ A Foundation is applied and worked into the skin, the body temperature breaks down the liposomes so that they can release their actives in a prolonged time-release action for the ultimate in skin health and protection.